Don’t wait for opportunities to knock, build a door instead.

We are Deaf to the word “impossible”

Though we can’t change the wind, we can adjust our sails to reach our destination.

It is not a matter of our athletes being deaf. It is the hearing world that refuses to listen.

Who We Are

We serve as the national body for sports with regard to deaf and hard of hearing community

What We Do

Inculcate values into the deaf community through sports as social integration, character building and healthy lifestyle.

Registered Charity

As one of the approved IPCs your tax deductible contributions will go a long way

The National Deaf Games are back for their sixth edition

We are back…so come on out and have some fun!

Singapore withdraw from 2019 Asia Pacific Deaf Games

Singapore withdraw from 2019 Asia Pacific Deaf Games amid Hong Kong protest and security issues…

Singapore deaf bowlers unshaken by the Philippines’ tremors

In Men’s category events, Singapore attained two golds and three bronzes whilst…

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