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Who We Are

We serve as the national body for sports with regard to deaf and hard of hearing community

What We Do

Inculcate values into the deaf community through sports as social integration, character building and healthy lifestyle.

Registered Charity

As one of the approved IPCs your tax deductible contributions will go a long way

Singapore deaf bowlers unshaken by the Philippines’ tremors

In Men’s category events, Singapore attained two golds and three bronzes whilst the Women’s category events the ladies grabbed four golds, three silvers and one bronze.

Singapore sends a team to ASEAN Deaf Bowling Championships 2019 in Manila, Philippines

The bowlers to watch in this ASEAN championships will be from Singapore and they are Adelia Naomi and Kimberly Quek. These two (2) female bowlers made history by winning the first-ever medals in Deaflympics 2017, Samsun, Turkey.

DSA Men Futsal Team prepares for 3rd Asia Pacific Deaf Futsal Championship 2019 in Bangkok

Deaf athletes can heighten their senses of touch and vision to concentrate deeper and longer than hearing athletes.

Racing fraternity came together to raise fund for DSA

At the Racing Appreciation Night 2018, the racing fraternity came together to raise a total amount of $85,850 for charity, including the grant support from Tote Board for this fund-raising effort.

Welcome home our Deaflympics heroes!

Singapore the little red dot has managed to reach to the top for all these three prestigious events. There’s an absolute reason to celebrate!

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