Having fun with family and friends
Make a choice for a healthy lifestyle
Quality time spent doing sports
Playing sports at a young age promotes mental health
There are no age or gender limits in sports

About National Deaf Games

The National Deaf Games are an annual event platform that provides Deaf community members with opportunities to compete in their favorite sports. This allows them to take part in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

The inaugural National Deaf Games were successfully organised in early March of 2015. A total of 143 Deaf people participated in all events. Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, graced the Opening Ceremony of the 1st National Deaf Games at Jurong East Sports Centre. About 250 people attended the Futsal match at the opening event.


  • Provide members with both fun and competitive games.
  • Provide members with the opportunity to play against their own family and friends.
  • To boost the recruitment drive for the Deaf sports development programme.
  • To identify talents and potential athletes and prepare them for future major games.


Those who are Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, or foreigners are welcome. Participants generally be Deaf or Hard of Hearing but for the ‘open category events’, we welcome everyone!

Singapore Permanent Residents and foreigners must produce documentation proving their residency and a medical diagnosis report for their deaf condition in order to be categorised under Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

General Information

For the General Rules & Regulations, please click here.
For information on the hearing test procedure, please click here.
For any enquiries on National Deaf Games, please write in to ndg@dsa.org.sg

Sports/Games Rules

For NDG Badminton, please click here.
For NDG Bowling, please click here.
For NDG Futsal, please click here.
For NDG Orienteering, please click here.

7th National Deaf Games 2023